I’m told these days that interests and politics are interlinked and can hardly if ever become mutually exclusive. Why should the Constitutional Court (Prague) give an opinion on the constitutionality of the Treaty of Lisbon? I can take two routes in understanding this: the naive or the skeptic/critical/analytical one.

If I decide to trust it all in the name of democracy then I’ll buy the naive story but if not, I’d bet some money on the second, analytical route. Moravcsic or not, this could be national interest at play that fits the needs of other IR or European players. Hence, there could be a third route as well, the intergovernmental, neo-realist one.

I said I’d bet some money on the second route not just because I am European or because I read the Treaty of Lisbon but also because I am still naive: I believe that knowing political science comes with some responsability. Hence, I decided to exercise my rights and enjoy my freedom and there you go – I published some ideas online.

The morale of the story – trust with caution, never stop thinking but most of all do not let your ideas bounce back into a wall!

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