Yesterday I saw a mill in the middle of a playing field and it was surrounded by tens of hundreds of men, thirsty to drink from it, thirsty to take water, pass it through their esophagus and smile while tired from all the sunburn and the effort of a day’s work. Next, there came a tall man holding gently the hand of a very beautifull woman which we shall call for reasons of simplicity Bella. Oh, his name was Haigh. Now, Bella and Haigh or rather say Haigh – he was leading – and Bella stopped and took pictures of those hundreds of thirsty people. Then she smiled at them thinking that her gesture will bring her more luck in life since she knew that smiling can sometimes equal doing good. It was only afterwards that a brilliant idea came into Haigh’s mind as he was watching Bella’s juicy lips – fresh from surgery, looking red from the Channel lipgloss: let’s have a party, invite some friends and print a new photo album at the copy center Haigh owned, twenty years already.

I was thinking these days that the businessman does not want ethics on his profit bread simply because he knows for sure from his old philosophy teacher that ethics is difficult to tackle with and thus, why bother?

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