At the end of a long day of opinions and recommendations and different attitudes, some aggressive, some modestly hopeful, what did we achieve when we draw the line? The Tobacco Products Directive proposal moves ahead slowly, with small but certain steps.
As MEP Linda McAvan declared earlier today, the days of cigarette flavorings are numbered, the days of lipstick packages are also coming to an end.
Young people in Europe should not have an option to buy Hello Kitty cigarettes as one journalist from the Polish News Agency enquired with MEP McAvan.
Commissioner Borg declared in front of the European Parliament in Strasbourg that even if it comes to choosing between employment and life and the tobacco industry is right that many jobs will be lost… even if, we would still choose life. But then again the employment argument lacks backing and so does the economic one regarding contributions to state budgets. The healthy option is most economic on top of being most moral. It is economic to save 1 in 3 smokers in Europe from starting up this habit. It is economic for the individual as well as for the state when one thinks of pulmonary cancers or health complications and millions of hospitalisations.
And if it weren’t economic, one cannot choose death for the good of a system, one would need to make it economic while keeping it healthy.

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