Personal training

I experienced personal training for the past 8 months and I have to say it was key to creating a routine, to make sure your efforts pay off and all the different exercises are safe / injury free.

3 times a week is an ideal amount of sports that would stimulate you to create a routine, keep to it and even connect yourself to your body both in terms of nutritional needs and getting your body used to physical activity.

In terms of the gym I go to, it is HealthCity Arts Loi because of proximity but also because I wanted a spacious, clean and professionally equipped space.

The trainer I chose, Jerome Launois is a professional fitness and cardio trainer, highly educated and very motivated to help you achieve your goals in at a timely and healthy pace.

Jerome Launois, Personal Trainer - Health City Arts Loi, Aspria Louise

Jerome Launois is a professional, efficient and well-prepared personal trainer.

He promotes a healthy life-style approach to personal training, he follows up that his clients do correctly the different exercises and mixes different models of physical training. This is the best way to adopt a healthy lifestyle approach along with nutrition. Such an approach is the most effective for anyone who want to add healthy life years and stay fit. I have been training with Jerome for the past three months and recommend him to whoever is serious about his/her own health.

Further information concerning professional profile and experience is available here.


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